Our PR Plan Caused an International Incident

Pointman PR's Patriotic Pitch Makes CNN.com's Canada Day

Congratulations Patrick and team. Totally surpassed my expectations…a huge win in terms of press coverage and links. Thanks for your great work!
— Gail Rivett, CMO, FlightNetwork.com

For our online travel agency client FlightNetwork.com, we started with a simple idea, long rumored to be true ... that Americans 'flash' the Canadian flag when overseas to secure better service - but how do you spot a fake Canuck? What are the tell-tale signs of a 'Flag-Jacker?'

We set to work finding a body language expert trained to spot Canadianic contortions and detect doppelgangers. We enlisted Mark Bowden of TruthPlane Inc. and created photos and video to showcase 'Flag-Jacking' 101.

We timed our release to go out on Canada Day and passionately pitched the media. In short order the pitch landed on the CANOE.ca blog and got pickup on many of the major Canadian online papers in their ecosystem.

Then we went global! Our Flag-Jacking pitch got pickup with an original article on CNN.com (an unusual accomplishment for a Canadian story) and it immediately went 'viral' generating the following unbelievable coverage:

  • Over 19,673 views of the Flag-Jacking video we produced on YouTube
  • 138 Editorial Stories online and in print, radio and television. 
  • Canadian coverage online on Canoe.com, Ottawa Sun, Calgary Sun, Edmonton Sun, Winnipeg Sun, Toronto Sun, Vancouver 24 Hours, Kingston Whig Standard, Huffington Post and Globe and Mail.
  • USA Coverage on CNN.com , MSN.com, Seattle City and Press, The San Fransisco Chronicle and many websites for major broadcast news stations.
  • We generated hundreds of brand mentions for the client and valuable major media links back to their website. 
  • The CNN Story alone triggered 2943 comments online. 

 ...and generated over
$3 million in Ad Value!