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For FlightNetwork.com, one of Canada's top online travel sites, Pointman! PR created a gasoline giveaway event to promote their Price Drop Protection Plan. Previous events saw the online leader give away gas for 50 cents OFF a litre. April's event brought the discount, crowds and media to new heights by offering 50 cents per litre on 10,000 litres of gas.

At the end of the five hour event, FlightNetwork.com had secured a whopping 180 broadcast, print, online and radio items and an ad value of $1,907,195! 

Simply put, this was complete local media domination and one of the most successful Toronto PR events on record.

The media – including three live trucks - began arriving  at 6:00 am (the event began at 8:00 am) and every major broadcaster, print outlet and radio station made an appearance; many filed live reports several times throughout the day.

One Event.
Ad Value $1,907,195

Here's a snapshot of our favourite coverage from the day.


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