The Houston Press cites our irresistible and hilarious pitch

Sometimes, being a professional media operative can be a lot of fun … the immediate rush of getting an insane amount of media coverage for a client, tight deadlines and sometimes getting coverage on your coverage. But very rarely do we get called out by name in the national and international stories that we generate.

Such was the case with our pitch for the Houston Superbash, a three day party to celebrate all things ‘super’ in the lone star state. In order to generate serous buzz and stand out from much bigger events happening during the Super Bowl, we created an irresistibly intriguing pitch targeted to media in the Houston area: The worst songs in Texas History.

First we did the research, listening to hundreds of Texas tunes either about Texas or sung by a Texan (believe it or not, Vanilla Ice is from Texas). Then we polled Texas on which of our 10 options they objected to the most.

The Houston Press’s music writer immediately jumped on our release and we had a humourous back and forth via email about our ‘questionable choices.’

“Our favorite (Superbowl pitch), so far, has been the message from a Toronto firm promising to reveal the “Worst Song In Texas History.” Hard not to bite on that one. It was sent by Pointman! Public Relations,” he said in an online article.

Remarkably this article sparked a welcome backlash of additional coverage questioning our choice of George Straight for ‘All My Exes Live in Texas’ – we stand by the pick, but more importantly we garnered a whole new wave of coverage by issuing a clarification to the many outlets outraged at the notion of dissing King George. In the clarification we invited King George as a VIP guest, as long as he didn’t play the aforementioned tune. This of course led to even more media coverage in the end, we scored:  44 hits for the client and our founder, Patrick McCaully scored 15 seconds of his own fame.

Read the Houston Press article here