Jiggery-Pokery Jargon Pitch Produces for Investment Advisor


Let’s face it – wealth management isn’t particularly sexy or entertaining. But you know what is? Made-up financial jargon and people who pretend to know what those terms mean. When Hennick Wealth Management came to Pointman! PR to increase brand awareness, we knew we’d have to think outside of the box to land great media hits.

 We commissioned a Google Survey to discover how many Canadians would fall for our made-up financial jargon by inserting the folly terms into serious investment questions, like “Does your portfolio contain ‘white chip’ stocks?” That’s not a real investment, to be clear.

An alarming number of respondents believed that the made-up terms were real, reporting owning investments that did not exist and proving that the hardest words to say in personal finance are ‘I don’t understand’.

Armed with our impressive survey results, we spun a creative news story that offered a fresh and unexpected story to finance news media while positioning our client as a concerned expert in the field who implored Canadians to ask more questions about their investments.

Generating more than $480,000 in ad value, we achieved major media hits including BNN and two articles in The Globe & Mail – one of which saw the journalist commission a cartoon depicting our ‘white chip stocks’ gag.

17 Stories ? 1 TV Hit ? 12 Online Hits ? 4 Print Hits

Ad Value = $484,000