Patrick McCaully

Vanquisher of Vanilla PR

The Best Idea Wins!

This is the personal and professional philosophy of Patrick McCaully, one of North America’s top news creators and founder of Pointman News Creation.

With a unbeatably high hit record of media coverage for his varied clients, Patrick is best known as the strategist behind some of North America’s most successful media-dominating PR pitches, including’s infamous gas giveaways (for 50 cents a litre) and’s annual ‘Real Cost of Love’ survey that calculated the cash required to properly court a significant other (by the way its $43,800.08)

He wasn’t ‘chicken’ to help a whistleblower hold a standing room only press conference and blow the lid off of one of Canada’s biggest poultry consumer fraud cases. He famously (tried) to save democracy with the internationally news dominating Dump Trump Tie campaign and the Dump Donald Eh! campaign to write Trump a cheque to drop out of the election. He also cleverly created advisor breakup cards for a financial client to help passive Canadians get out of bad business relationships.

Thinking like a journalist is what sets Patrick apart. Having started his career in the television news industry, Patrick held editorial roles at CTV National News, City TV and the Global Television Network for eight years… and took thousands of bad pitches from other PR agencies.

At Global, Patrick held the position of assignment editor for over six years. In this job, Patrick was responsible for creating and approving ideas for news stories, determining story priority and assigning coverage of the news team. Only the best stories made it through.

Patrick began his public relations career at one of Toronto’s largest independent firms, where he worked as a consultant and account manager overseeing numerous clients in technology, real estate, consumer and restaurant sectors. Inclined to march to the beat of his own drum, Patrick quickly moved on to found his own public relations practice, Pointman News Creation.

Having seen his fair share of great and disastrous pitches during all those years at the news desk, Patrick understands from the inside out what makes an editor sit up and take notice.

Now with over 20 years communications experience, Patrick has launched and implemented PR campaigns for organizations ranging from sole proprietorships to Fortune 500 companies and media darlings like Casper Mattress and Samsonite.