Pointman! PR Hits Home For Real Estate Revolutionaries

Just how hard is it to captivate Canada’s real estate media with a pitch? Consider that there are more than 46,000 real estate agents in Toronto alone, with all of their brokerages constantly pitching the same real estate media for the same limited editorial space.

Did that stop Pointman! PR from hitting it home? Not even close.

Pointman! PR recently worked with The Red Pin, an innovative online real estate brokerage and delivered extraordinary results. We can do the same for you.

The Red Pin

274 Stories ? 38 TV Hits ? 56 Radio Hits ? 158 Online Hits ? 23 Print Hits

Total Ad Value for the year = $4.5 million

Here are some examples:

a) Open House Antics
For our first campaign with The Red Pin, we warmed up with ‘What a Lookie-loo Could Cost You’, deploying a body language expert to read the behaviors of open house onlookers to determine who was seriously interested and who was looking for free weekend entertainment.

Hint: take notice of how much contact perspective buyers make with surfaces and finishes – the longer, the better.

14 Stories ? 2 TV Hits ? 2 Online Hits ? 14 Print Hits

Ad Value = $330,000

b) Realtor Compensation Frustrations
Soon after, we followed up with an industry-shaking reality check: ‘Does Your Realtor Make $1,000 an Hour?’ Though not a popular point with other agents, The Red Pin caters directly to the customer and gladly offered up this actionable data to bolster our pitch. The media took major notice of the story, resulting in a slew of coverage that established The Red Pin as bold consumer advocates in the shady world of real estate.

15 Stories ? 1 TV Hit?2 Radio Hits ? 10 Online Hits ? 2 Print Hits

Ad Value = $355,000

c) Probe With A Poodle
With the notion that many Canadians make major real estate purchases before properly surveying their new neighbourhood, we called in professional back up to endorse our ‘Spy Before You Buy’ pitch.

Employing a private eye (and former homicide detective) to give us actionable data to stake out a neighbourhood, our quirky pitch was both highly inventive and practical to real estate media, offering tips like ‘Probe With A Poodle’, recommending that home buyers walk their prospective neighbourhood with a dog so you can survey the area and meet the neighbours whilst remaining incognito.

7 Stories ? 1 TV Hit ? 4 Online Hits ? 2 Print Hits

Ad Value = $290,000

d) Create Pitch, Dominate Media, Repeat…

We cleared the bench for our incredibly successful dual pitches, ‘The Best Day to Buy’ and ‘The Best Day to Sell’.

We analyzed The Red Pin’s customer data across a series of factors to determine the best day to buy a home in any given year (which is January 20, in case you’re wondering). Tactical pitching of the media one week, one day and, on the best day to sell generated major media interest and huge brand recognition for The Red Pin nationwide.

Knowing that three major media knockouts are better than one, we brazenly followed up with ‘The Best Day to Sell’, following the same tactics to once again secure major media dominance for The Red Pin. Then, in 2016, we pitched the same story again. If it’s not broken, right? Our efforts across these three campaigns generated an incredible number of hits, establishing The Red Pin as a formidable force in Canada’s real estate industry.

116 Stories ? 31 TV Hits ? 28 Radio Hits ? 56 Online Hits ? 1 Print Hit

Ad Value = $1.4 million

 e) Men VS Women

When it comes to signing the dotted line on a new home, who holds the pen - men or women?

Setting out to uncover if men or women were more likely to have the final say on a home purchase, Pointman! PR created a cheeky pitch that utilized real estate agent experience to uncover who held the upper hand at the negotiating table. And the winner was: women.

With 97% of real estate agents surveyed agreeing that women get what they want in home-buying debacles, we knew we had an irresistible pitch on our hands. It came as no surprise that Canadian media thought so too.

15 Stories ? 11 Radio Hits ? 3 Online Hits ? 1 Print Hit

Ad Value = $193,000

 f) Re-Listing

Here at Pointman! PR, we love nothing more than to blow the lid off of a story. We sniffed out an undiscovered real estate trend of ‘Re-Listing’, where sellers with a stale listing remove their property from the market only to re-list the same property a week later in the hopes of generating new interest and increasing chances of a sale.

Utilizing The Red Pin’s firsthand experiences of this trend, Pointman! PR crafted an innovative pitch that broke the story of Canada’s dirtiest real estate secret. Both real estate and news media alike fell for the story, with one notable Toronto and Calgary-based newspaper publishing our story verbatim. We call that the ultimate compliment.

13 Stories ? 11 Online Hits ? 2 Print Hits

Ad Value = $290,000